About our company

Best team

Central Florida Cloud, a certified veteran owned business, was founded by AWS and Cloud Certified engineers Robert Green and Boris Goranovic 2018 after seeing a need to revolutionize the way business gets done.

High dedication

The solutions we deliver go well beyond IT services. We provide an enterprise class cloud based and local IT framework, then we help you improve both the quality and speed of your outputs while reducing business friction associated with creating real value.

Work with heart

Our team works with you and your staff to create a model for implementation, training, continuous improvement, cost savings and value generation at your scale and within your budget.

  • Robert Green, MBA

    Certified AWS Solutions Architect and Business Consultant Robert Green provides architectural and business process engineering to support continuous improvement

  • Boris Goranovic

    Certified AWS Solutions Architect and Electrical Engineer Boris Goranovic leads all technical services leading to amazingly simple, secure and reliable solutions

Our services

From your ISP connection to the local area network, phones, faxes, email, collaboration tools, fast and secure thin and zero clients, to infrastructure in the cloud with managed services, payment gateways peripherals and more, Central Florida Cloud is your Business Infrastructure as a Service provider. From Startup to Step-up or even whole IT services renovations, we are here to help you reinvent the way you work.
The web is not only a place for interactive business cards. Our solutions leverage public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure to do more than just host a website. We can host your applications, workloads, data storage and database, domain services, email, messaging, API's and more to scale your business on demand in the most reliable and secure public cloud infrastucture available.
Your employees are your greatest assets to your business. Giving them the tools to work from anywhere, anytime, securely gives your business true digital mobility. Training your workforce is an important responsibility to ensure best practices and skills are developed. Our solutions offer optional training from basic cloud and computer literacy to advanced workflow optimization techniques to generate consistently high quality outcomes and customer experiences.